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Wine Tasting Tour

Immersing oneself in the beauty of the Umbrian landscape is an unforgettable experience, but there is no better way to get to know the true essence of the region than through its flavors. Discovering Umbria's oenological treasures means traveling through the scents and flavors of a generous land, where thousands of years of tradition combine with the passion of wine artisans. Do not miss the opportunity to live this exciting adventure that will take you to discover enchanting places and extraordinary wines.

City of art

To visit Umbria is to immerse yourself in a treasure trove of art, culture and history. The region is full of wonderful cities, each with its own identity and charm. Assisi, Perugia, Orvieto and many other Umbrian cities are world-renowned for their artistic masterpieces, historic monuments and breathtaking views. Discovering these cities means walking through ancient streets, admiring medieval architecture, visiting museums and churches, and savoring local gastronomic specialties. Be captivated by the beauty and charm of these wonderful places.
Soar above the hidden treasures of the Umbrian countryside with "our" hot air balloon ride! Admire the timeless beauty of Assisi, the verdant hills and vineyards on the horizon. An unforgettable experience that will make you feel like a bird in flight over a unique panorama.

Boat rental

Discover Lake Trasimeno aboard a rubber dinghy and let yourself be carried away by the waves of Umbrian beauty!

Discover the beauty of the Umbrian-Tuscan countryside on horseback with our guided tour. Riding through rolling hills, olive groves and sunflower fields, immersing yourself in unspoiled nature and admiring breathtaking views is an experience that will remain in your heart forever. A unique opportunity to take your mind off the daily hustle and bustle and immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature. Book your horseback ride now and have an unforgettable experience.
Explore Umbria in an active and sustainable way! Choose from mountain bikes for challenging trails, city bikes for a stroll around town, and E-bikes for effortless pedaling along the region's scenic roads.

For the best visit to umbria rely on experts who will give you a 360-degree experience of the best experiences that encompasses this beautiful region. Unique and unforgettable experiences!


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